Her Ministry

Dr. Brenda Jefferson: Deeper Life Christian Church


Working along with her husband, Senior Pastor Bishop M. B. Jefferson, Dr. Brenda Jefferson serves as Co-Pastor of Deeper Life Christian Church in Tampa, FL. For over 30 years of ministry, they have been diligent in helping others by delivering God’s message, authentically and uncut. With missions in Africa, Jamaica, Texas, Detroit, Louisiana, Florida, the Caribbean and other nations, Bishop and Dr. Jefferson are determined to preach the truth to those who seek a deeper relationship with God. Deeper Life Christian Church is a global ministry that operates under the premise of Internet, Television, Radio, Literature, and Public Speaking. With concepts such as the ‘Sixty Second Prayer’ and ‘The 50 List,’ prayer and the Word of God are key elements in each individual’s walk with Christ.


The Ministry of Dr. Brenda Jefferson


Born in Tampa, FL, Dr. Brenda Jefferson grew up sheltered, shy, and bound by an overwhelming spirit of fear. At the tender age of 25 years old, Dr. Jefferson was introduced to the world of ministry. Through an emotionally abusive childhood and a physically abusive first marriage, Dr. Jefferson began to transform as she saturated her mind with God’s Word. Through trials and tribulations, she evolved into a walking demonstration of boldness, as she began to speak the truth in love; setting individuals free through the power of the Word of God.


Dr. Brenda Jefferson is called to reach the masses with emphasis on bringing the outcast to a city of refuge; the Kingdom of God. She is an anointed teacher/preacher, mentor, counselor, author, producer, philanthropist, entrepreneur and composer. She is a fixture of inspiration and hope, provoking a lifestyle of holiness and integrity in men and women across the nation. Dr. Brenda Jefferson, having experienced abuse in her earlier years, is called to empower women to lift a standard of holiness in their homes, businesses and every facet of their lives. Through the Word of God, she teaches young and mature women to be holy Women of God. She encourages them to be helpers to their husbands, rearing their children in the admonition of Lord. She illustrates the true essence of a Woman of God through her walk in Christ, her faithfulness and servitude towards Gods’ House.


As CEO of Scripture Music Group, Dr. Jefferson has written hundreds of scripture songs as well as recorded with some of the best in the music industry. Her CD, ‘Time of Refreshing’ featuring Lisa Page Brooks, Lecresia Campbell, Larue, Damita Haddon, Joe Ligon, Beverly Crawford, Stephanie Pride and Shannon Jefferson, hit the charts with a contemporary vibe but yet traditional enough to cross generational barriers, overflowing with a fresh anointing. Dr. Jefferson began the ministry of ‘Pure & True Praise’ a choir, which ministers scripture songs and has brought in great mentors, such as Kirk Carr, V. Michael McKay, Deitrick Haddon and Myron Butler, who have been instrumental in their development.


Dr. Jefferson continues her ministry as an accomplished author. Her powerful message is shared through ‘Dream Come True, The Diamond in You, The Pen of a Ready Writer, The Servant Book, Hast Thou Not Known/Hast Thou Not Heard’ and others. She imparts Gods’ Word through her books and releases a word designed for transformation of the mind.