Garment of Praise


25 Apr Garment of Praise

Notice that the phrase “garment of praise” refers to something that covers you or that you wear. In this case, a garment functions like a robe. It doesn’t take away from the individuals who wear it, but rather it adds luster and splendor to his appearance and covers the imperfections of his physique.
Therefore, we too have to be covered. We achieve this by wearing Jesus like a glove…put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof (Romans 13:14). When you allow Jesus to fit snuggly onto you like a glove, there is little room to fulfill the lusts thereof.
When Jesus becomes the predominant factor in your life, you don’t continue to seek a way to escape reality when the cares of this world are weighing you down. Instead, that is when you allow His strengths to take over and carry you along the way.
Living in Victory
Bishop M.B. Jefferson
Dr. Brenda Jefferson
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