Dr. Brenda Jefferson

pastorbrendajeffersonDr. Brenda Jefferson grew up in a home witnessing domestic violence, as a young girl. She observed her mother suffer and lose her life as a result. She was sheltered, shy and bound by an overwhelming spirit of fear. Nevertheless, she found herself facing the same turmoil during her first marriage. Although physically & emotionally abused; she maintained employment, as a district manager, for a women’s clothing store. During these times, as she raised four children, she began to saturate her mind with the Word of God.


At the age of 25 years old, Dr. Brenda Jefferson answered the call of God on her life for ministry. Her life was yielded to helping those in need and teaching the unadulterated Word of God, nightly in her home. During a weekly service, she was introduced to her beloved husband, Bishop M. B. Jefferson, who spoke a Word into her life, laid his hands on her and broke the chain of bondage she had battled for years. Released from the spirit of fear, Dr. Brenda Jefferson is an anointed Woman of God, full of the Word and full of faith.


Under the leadership of Bishop M.B. Jefferson, Dr. Brenda Jefferson continues to use her gifts to encourage those who are broken, struggling with addictions, abused, lost and in despair. God blessed the powerful duo team to begin the House of David Help Center which residentially facilitates men, women and families whose lives have been devastatingly affected by drugs, alcohol, domestic violence, and other like conditions. Their lives are committed to caring for others; teaching them to be transformed by the renewing of their minds, through God’s Word.


Dr. Jefferson has appeared on TBN, The Word Network, and the Gospel Music Channel. She is an accomplished gospel music composer and a gifted author. Her debut album, A Time of Refreshing, gives a soulful testimony of scripture when ministered through song. Each song is birthed through her experiences and God’s healing power in her life. Her second album, Pen of a Ready Writer, features some of the best in gospel music, including Dorinda Clark, Myron Butler & Lecresia Campbell. As an author, Dr. Brenda’s inspirational books include: the Little Book of Wisdom, Going to the Heavens, Pen of a Ready Writer, Dreams Come True, The Servant Book, Rivers of Blessings, and Hast Thou Not Known? Hast Thou Not Heard?


Dr. Brenda is blessed with great business acumen. Her clothing line, Brenda by Design, will soon to be available online for your one of a kind experience. She is a dedicated wife who assists her husband in other business ventures as well as works side by side with him, fulfilling the vision God has given them in ministry.

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