Dr. Brenda Jefferson, Co-Pastor of Deeper Life Christian Church in Tampa, Fl is one of today’s most dynamic Christian leaders. She is a fixture of inspiration and hope, provoking a lifestyle of holiness and integrity in men and women across the nation. This celebrated songwriter, author, designer, mentor, and multi-faceted entrepreneur, is fueled by a passion to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. As an anointed musical arranger, Brenda embraces God’s true healing power through song.


The label, Scripture Music Group, highlights Dr. Jefferson’s ability as an accomplished songwriter, producer, and musical director. Pastor Jefferson preaches a fiery testimony of God’s healing power and the fulfillment of purity through praise. In addition to her many talents, she has an unyielding endurance for giving and helping others. Pastor Brenda is always reaching out to help someone up, always giving an ear to someone in need, and consistently presents a remarkable example of Holiness to youth and adults across the nation.